Day 1

I’m sitting here watching Julie & Julia, inspired to write a blog, and what better topic than our shop, Sweetie’s Bakery & Cafe.  We are set to open shortly, just waiting on a few last minute details.  The journey to this point has been long, fraught with frustration, panic and then sad acceptance, excitement and sheer jubilation, and full of “interesting” experiences.

I am setting out to get people to go back to basics.  Before chains of McDonalds and Subway came along, people used to go home for lunch, to eat food lovingly prepared from scratch… bread baked fresh that morning, roast beef eaten in thick, juicy slabs the night before, slathered with homemade mayonnaise for lunch the next day; cakes baked in the afternoon and frosted for dessert that night.  What happened to those days before meats contained a veritable cocktail of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and artificial colors, bread contained more sugar than flour, and cakes more preservatives than any other ingredient?!  I suppose they became a distant memory because wives were forced into the workplace to help support families as the economy and the times changed.  We all fantasize about those days, the younger generations watching June Cleaver and Lucy Ricardo, other generations reminiscing about the days of old.  Now, I’m trying to make the fantasy a reality and the memories come to life again.  We are opening as a “from scratch” shop.  Everything from the bread to the roast meat, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard are made from scratch without anything artificial.  Cakes, cookies, pies and muffins are baked fresh.  Creative side dishes are offered with lunch.  A quiche of the day along with a casserole of the day join the specials board, as do baked donuts for a healthier treat.

We are very excited to start the second part of our journey and have been lucky enough to already have support from neighbors and friends.  For Thanksgiving we made pies, bread, cookies and cupcakes for customers to rave reviews.  We appreciate all the local support, including the local AM radio station who put us on-air even though our doors are not open to business yet.  We have wonderful neighbors, including Chris at the Bank Street Cobbler, who have been incredibly supportive and helpful.  We look forward to opening our doors soon and welcoming you to our shop!