I’m sitting here at the shop, munching on a piece of Swedish Limpa, drinking my diet coke out of a 50’s coca-cola glass, watching my loaf of bread rise.  When dropping off Janice’s loaf I accidentally went to the wrong apartment.  The loaf was still warm and giving off a spicy buttery scent.  I think my neighbor was disappointed when I explained I was at the wrong apartment, but she asked me to bake her a loaf, so here I am.  Aaron, my mother and I made our pickles on Wednesday.  They turned out great.  We also made pickled jalapenos and pickled onions.

Yesterday we scheduled the health inspector – he is coming next Friday, so we will be open very soon!  Its getting hard to wait.  I’m both nervous and excited.

I have been working on the website recently and it is starting to look pretty good!  We would eventually like to have an online ordering page, but, for now, while it is just Aaron and I in the shop, we have to use the old-fashioned telephone.  We have 2 fun telephones – one is a Lucy phone from 1955 that was cleaned and polished, and the other is a new portable made to look like the Lucy phone.  Fun!

The bread is starting to smell good…