Spent the day at restaurant depot – my favorite place…NOT!  Got the last couple of things we needed to open… got some fun sodas and the cucumbers and jalapenos to make our signature pickles and our mild pickles.  We were lucky to have a Jeep for a rental today!  We thought we would only need a few things, but boy do they add up fast.  And since restaurant depot is so far away we decided to buy cases of items so we wouldn’t need to close the shop for a day to replenish.

When we got back, Aaron went into work, and I set about making the sponge base for Janice’s Swedish Limpa she requested.  I’m so glad they love that loaf, it is one of my favorites!  This bread is so beautiful.  It sits overnight to grow and gather natural yeast which gives is a wonderful tang.  It is dense and moist, made with molasses and brown sugar and anise, it is rich and comforting.  It may not look like the most beautiful loaf of bread you will ever get, but it may be the most delicious.  Many thanks to Janice for her order!

Tomorrow will be another long day getting the shop in running order, so I say an early goodnight tonight.