Thank you to all who answered my poll!  I appreciate your opinion and hope you will keep contributing…I will post another poll, but I will also keep checking the first one (what you would like to see in the bakery case when we open).

We spent another full day working in the shop today.  We got all the pictures hung and the dishes washed.  The windows were merrily steamed in that cozy-cabin-in-the-woods-at-Christmas way… not from the oven but from running the dishwasher all day.  We hung the flashing, multicolored “open sign” which blinks away cheerfully like a little girl beaming at all the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.  Everything is really starting to come together.

Jack, the head chef from Chaplin’s, came down to pay us a visit today.  I spent the best summer I can remember working with Jack and Josh, his nephew, in their tiny kitchen making food people raved about.  Jack was the most wonderful boss anyone could ask for.  He encouraged me to bake and allowed me the freedom to let my mind run wild with ideas for desserts he added to his menu.   I wouldn’t be opening Sweetie’s without Jacks encouragement, support and faith in me.

While I’m speaking about support, I feel I should give credit where credit is due.  I wouldn’t be opening Sweetie’s without the support of my parents and my boyfriend, either.  They have diligently spent all their days off assembling, painting, hanging, dusting, mopping, and scrubbing, along with doing all the fun paperwork that goes into running a business.  Aaron has dealt with all the “stuff” that I feel overwhelmed with, poor guy… needless to say, it’s usually the really crappy stuff no one wants to do.  So, I am eternally indebted to them.  Thank you to everyone for your support!