19 months later


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So, 19 months later, where is Sweetie’s now. Well, I’m happy to report that we have been too busy to blog. However, it is still just Aaron and I, plugging away harder than ever. We still are not advertising, the budget on a new business is just too tight without going into debt, which we have refused to do from day 1. We have a steady stream of amazing regulars who have championed our success. We have gained some temporary help and lost it, but I have found an amazing assistant who has become an amazing friend and a bridesmaid in my upcoming wedding. Yes, Aaron and I are now engaged and planning a wedding. We have been featured in the Boston globe, and baked all 8,000 ginger cookies for Mystic Seaport’s lantern light tours last christmas. Hopefully they will choose us again this year. We are now in works with a local hotel to provide baked goods daily for guests breakfast. We are planning to stay open until 6 this fall, providing dinners and wine to go, in both personal and family sizes. We are expanding our homemade ice cream counter and are planning to offer crepes as well. We are entering the grinder festival to get out the word that: YES WE DO OTHER THINGS! In fact, our breakfast and lunch menu largely outnumber our sweets! We have survived 2 sailfest weekends, and multiple food strolls. We have donated to many local causes. We continue to bake amazing cheddar bacon whole wheat dog cookies, and you can often find Aaron and I chasing dogs and their owners down Bank st to offer them a free sample (or 5). Our bakery case continues to evolve, especially with the addition of Sam to my baking team of 1. Our sandwich menu has changed to incorporate fresh wraps and salads. We continue to learn and grow with the support of my parents and our loyal customers and look forward to being that “tiny cupcake place with the pink and teal awning” on bank st for many years to come.

Day 10

Spent the day baking… lemon meringue pie cupcakes that will get filled with homemade lemon curd and topped with homemade toasted meringue…carrot cake cupcakes – one batch plain, one with spiced rum soaked raisins, they will get frosted with coconut cream cheese buttercream frosting.  All the cookies got baked today – the shop smelled heavenly!

And the big news of the day – OUR SIGN WAS INSTALLED!  Check out our Facebook page for the new photos.


Day 9

Busy busy busy… got a Christmas party order from the Child Guidance Clinic in Meriden, Ct.  I’m going to bake 6 different types of cookies and 2 varieties of cupcakes… Chewy Sugar, Spicy Ginger, Classic Chocolate Chip with a twist, Holiday Butter Cookies, and Old Fashioned Snickerdoodles, Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes and my famous Commissary Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  I also got an order for Christmas cookies from one of my old classmates who I have known since I was 4.  I will try to take photographs to post on our website.  Tomorrow will be a long day of mixing batters and picking out decorations. Finished my shopping this morning and then spent the rest of the day with Barbara Stanwyck.  Her voice is so soothing, so melodic…she just hooks you in and you wind up watching a marathon of her movies like I did today.  In fact, I can’t peel myself away from her now…

Day 6

I’m sitting here at the shop, munching on a piece of Swedish Limpa, drinking my diet coke out of a 50’s coca-cola glass, watching my loaf of bread rise.  When dropping off Janice’s loaf I accidentally went to the wrong apartment.  The loaf was still warm and giving off a spicy buttery scent.  I think my neighbor was disappointed when I explained I was at the wrong apartment, but she asked me to bake her a loaf, so here I am.  Aaron, my mother and I made our pickles on Wednesday.  They turned out great.  We also made pickled jalapenos and pickled onions.

Yesterday we scheduled the health inspector – he is coming next Friday, so we will be open very soon!  Its getting hard to wait.  I’m both nervous and excited.

I have been working on the website recently and it is starting to look pretty good!  We would eventually like to have an online ordering page, but, for now, while it is just Aaron and I in the shop, we have to use the old-fashioned telephone.  We have 2 fun telephones – one is a Lucy phone from 1955 that was cleaned and polished, and the other is a new portable made to look like the Lucy phone.  Fun!

The bread is starting to smell good…

Day 4

Spent the day at restaurant depot – my favorite place…NOT!  Got the last couple of things we needed to open… got some fun sodas and the cucumbers and jalapenos to make our signature pickles and our mild pickles.  We were lucky to have a Jeep for a rental today!  We thought we would only need a few things, but boy do they add up fast.  And since restaurant depot is so far away we decided to buy cases of items so we wouldn’t need to close the shop for a day to replenish.

When we got back, Aaron went into work, and I set about making the sponge base for Janice’s Swedish Limpa she requested.  I’m so glad they love that loaf, it is one of my favorites!  This bread is so beautiful.  It sits overnight to grow and gather natural yeast which gives is a wonderful tang.  It is dense and moist, made with molasses and brown sugar and anise, it is rich and comforting.  It may not look like the most beautiful loaf of bread you will ever get, but it may be the most delicious.  Many thanks to Janice for her order!

Tomorrow will be another long day getting the shop in running order, so I say an early goodnight tonight.

Day 3

Another long day at the bakery slaving over the dishwasher and organizing behind the counter.  My mother spent another day off working her fingers to the nub for us, washing about 10,000,000 dishes.  All in all the shop is really starting to come together and we are getting very close to opening!  I am working hard at creating Sweetie’s website and making everything look amazing.  I will give you guys more updates tomorrow – as for tonight, my focus is on our website ♥

Day 2

Thank you to all who answered my poll!  I appreciate your opinion and hope you will keep contributing…I will post another poll, but I will also keep checking the first one (what you would like to see in the bakery case when we open).

We spent another full day working in the shop today.  We got all the pictures hung and the dishes washed.  The windows were merrily steamed in that cozy-cabin-in-the-woods-at-Christmas way… not from the oven but from running the dishwasher all day.  We hung the flashing, multicolored “open sign” which blinks away cheerfully like a little girl beaming at all the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.  Everything is really starting to come together.

Jack, the head chef from Chaplin’s, came down to pay us a visit today.  I spent the best summer I can remember working with Jack and Josh, his nephew, in their tiny kitchen making food people raved about.  Jack was the most wonderful boss anyone could ask for.  He encouraged me to bake and allowed me the freedom to let my mind run wild with ideas for desserts he added to his menu.   I wouldn’t be opening Sweetie’s without Jacks encouragement, support and faith in me.

While I’m speaking about support, I feel I should give credit where credit is due.  I wouldn’t be opening Sweetie’s without the support of my parents and my boyfriend, either.  They have diligently spent all their days off assembling, painting, hanging, dusting, mopping, and scrubbing, along with doing all the fun paperwork that goes into running a business.  Aaron has dealt with all the “stuff” that I feel overwhelmed with, poor guy… needless to say, it’s usually the really crappy stuff no one wants to do.  So, I am eternally indebted to them.  Thank you to everyone for your support!